The 191 Toole has a zero-tolerance policy towards racism, bullying, trans/homophobia, or gender or sexual harassment of any form. 


There are smoking areas located outside of the venue, but within the venue itself there is a strict no smoking policy in place.


Alcohol is available for patrons aged 21+, but alcohol is allowed to be brought into the venue itself. 


As the venue has a capacity of 500 people, we ask for our visitors to refrain from bringing any banners or signage into the venue to allow other visitors the best possible experience during the show.


Regarding entrance ages, the 191 Tool has a variety of different shows including some all-ages events as well as 21+ concerts. Children ages 7 years and above are allowed entrance so long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please see the event listing for details regarding age restrictions.

Payment Methods

Payment methods accepted are: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Cash

The venue reserves the right to eject any individual or individuals who break any of the rules listed above.

For rules and policies regarding tickets and guarantees please read out the 191 Toole Tickets page.