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191 Toole | Tucson, Arizona

The Beths

Expect nothing less than an unforgettable time of rousing alternative music on Wednesday 17th April 2024 as The Beths brews a storm at the 191 Toole! Previous shows have drummed up the hype for the rest of our main star's North American outing, and they still have a handful of tricks up their sleeve for eager fans. Leave the musical mainstream for a bit and sink into the underground sound of this celebrated performer.

Influenced by an eclectic set of genres, a symphony like none you’ve ever heard before will soar, featuring strikingly evocative verses that will speak to your soul. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience many of the performer's biggest hits LIVE, from their breakout first record to their newest chart-topping tracks. Both fans and critics have hailed them as this generation's trailblazing icons, so you’d be wise to watch them at the 191 Toole, where sound systems are pitch-perfect and amenities are world-class. Click the button on top to get your tickets today!

A jam session that's out of this world is heading straight at you this spring in one of the most highly anticipated alternative music spectacles in this region of North America! With deafening fanfare, the unforgettable The Beths will fire up Arizona's city of Tucson after its prior string of sold-out shows where it garnered a stream of 5 out of 5 reviews in its path. The run will then land at the renowned 191 Toole on Wednesday 17th April 2024, welcoming you and your fellow fans to swing it with these veritable trailblazers of their genre!

“My number-one act that’s still in the game! I don’t know how they pull it off, but their sound is so distinctively magnetic. There aren't many who can do what they do, and you should definitely see them if you have the chance!”
Beneath the surface of popular music, the sphere of alternative tunes expands its domain, inspired by the many genres that shaped the landscape. And that’s what the upcoming The Beths will be celebrating! As one of this era’s best tastemakers and visionaries, our main act will sink you into a vast ocean of exquisite harmonies, from their innovative first hits to the phenomenal ones of their latest best-selling record. Irresistible instrumentations intertwine with poignant wordplay and catchy verses in an unforgettable experience that’ll speak to your heart in ways you just can't explain.

Industry leaders have showered the act with distinguished awards and universal praise, doubtlessly crowned as the future of alternative music by both critics and fans. Once the encores end, you’ll undeniably be thinking the same.

The 191 Toole of Tucson’s buzzing cultural row will provide a stylish setting for the show, highlighting an exhilarating atmosphere and acoustic accuracy for audiences to revel in. Arizona's leading live music hotspot features great parking as well as neighboring bars and restaurants for an entire night on the town!

An exciting spring gig awaits you on Wednesday 17th April 2024, presented by the one-of-its-kind The Beths LIVE in Tucson's 191 Toole! For reservations, hit the “Get Tickets” button above!

The Beths at 191 Toole

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