RISO at 191 Toole

RISO Tickets

191 Toole | Tucson, Arizona

RISO could easily be the leading country act there is and country music lovers are running to buy tickets for the summer, 2022 US tour already! Social media is lighting up about the tour, it seems its going to be a Friday evening that every single country fan should be at this August! The huge show will be hosted by the excellent 191 Toole, Arizona, Tucson on Friday 12th August 2022. For tickets to the leading event of 2022 you can purchase right away from pressing the 'GET TICKETS' icon you will see just above, if you don't do it now you'll regret it!

RISO at 191 Toole

There is something smashing about country music, something irresistible that keeps you coming back, those upbeat tracks as much as the love songs, they're all as significant as each other. That passion you have for country music spans the whole genre, there are so many artists, its hard to choose one you love, but it's so simple when you find out RISO has released tour dates for summer, 2022…thats the simplest choice you'll ever make! When RISO plays in Arizona, Tucson one smashing Friday night in August, you know right away that you'll ALL have to be there, country fanatics are securing access in their droves! RISO will be hosted by the stunning 191 Toole of Tucson, Arizona on Friday 12th August 2022. 191 Toole is known as being a large capacity venue for such important events and often shows excellent acts like RISO. If you would like to go to this huge evening of country music then think fast. Press the 'get tickets' icon immediately….do not miss out on this opportunity!

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