Corb Lund at 191 Toole

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191 Toole | Tucson, Arizona

Corb Lund

Country music’s top performer returns to Tucson, Arizona when Corb Lund takes the iconic 191 Toole stage on Wednesday 24th April 2024 for a live show. This brings one of country music’s most unbelievable stars for a show that audiences will likely never forget. The raw talent and unbelievable stage presence of Corb Lund is sure to make new fans from the moment their first song begins, while long time fans will fall in love all over again by the time the curtains close. This could be the can’t-miss event of 2024 for anyone who loves country music. If you don’t want to miss out, click the Buy Tickets button today.

Country/folk music is a genre so many adore for it's effect on the listener, from the delicious melancholy ballads and the fantastic acoustic sounds down to the tones of the artists voice, a treat for every listener. One of the an extremely popular acts in this genre at this moment in time is the magnificent Corb Lund, touring the US for spring, 2024 and country/folk fanatics are pretty excited about it! It's been named the best act in the genre of 2024, so it's a pretty big deal. This GREAT evening in April, will be hosted by none other that the premier venue in the state, maybe in the whole of the US, it's famous! The magnificent 191 Toole, Tucson, Arizona, the ideal place to get reacquainted with the music on Wednesday 24th April 2024! If you want to to get in on the country/folk action, then now is the time to get access to the night, you can easily use this webpage to book just, press the button above, immediately!

Corb Lund at 191 Toole

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